The Council would like to lease properties from owners for a 5 year period to meet local housing need

As part of the Welsh Government Private Sector Leasing Scheme, Conwy County Borough Council (CCBC) and Denbighshire County Council (DCC) are working in partnership with Cartrefi Conwy and HAWS Letting Agency.


What are we looking for?

We are looking to lease unfurnished properties for five years to provide homes for the residents of Conwy and Denbighshire.


We need a range of different property types and sizes across the main areas of population in both Counties.


Property renovation/improvement


If your property is in need of renovation to meet Welsh Government standards for leasing, financial assistance is available.


A grant of up to £2,000, plus an interest free loan of up to £8,000 (repayable over 48 months), are on offer, should you need to carry out identified improvements.


A property survey will be undertaken by ourselves and discussed with you to identify the need for improvements.


You can source your own quotations for the works with local contractors.  Or we can provide quotations from Cartrefi Conwy’s in-house team of qualified contractors.


If you lease your property to us you will need to provide:


  • Gas and Electrical safety certificates


  • Confirmation that you have insurance and mortgage consent arrangements in place that allow participation in the scheme


What you can expect:


  • During the five year lease you will not be required to undertake any repairs or maintenance works, or carry out gas and electrical safety inspections, as this will be undertaken by Cartrefi Conwy. If there is any tenant damage, this will also be rectified at no cost or inconvenience to you


  • Rent paid to you every month by Conwy Council, whether the property is occupied or not. The amount that you will receive is set at 90% of the Local Housing Allowance rate applicable for the property size


  • Support will be available to all households throughout the 5 years. This will be provided by Cartrefi Conwy staff


  • The property returned to you at the end of the five year lease in the same condition as when the lease started, less wear and tear


  • You can have your property returned to you without a tenant in occupation, or choose to take on the tenant that is living in your property


HAWS Letting Agency, on behalf of CCBC and DCC, will undertake the day-to day management of the properties within the scheme.


HAWS staff will regularly inspect properties, monitor tenant activity and promptly deal with any issues, should they arise.


For further information, please contact:


Anna Jones, Conwy County Borough Council,, 01492 576640 / 0300 124 0050


Lynsey Blackford, Conwy County Borough Council,, 01492 576264 / 0300 124 0050


Simon Farrell, Denbighshire County Council,, 01824 712422


Jeff Evans, HAWS,, 01745 335690