About Us

How the team works

The first contact you will have will be with one of our Lettings Negotiators. They will arrange a convenient meeting time and place for you to discuss the services we offer and how we can tailor make them to suit you and your property. Our Negotiators are also the first contact point for potential tenants as they carry out the viewings and complete the referencing. This means that they can match your property type and your requirements with the most suitable applicants.

After we have signed up your new and approved tenant, your Negotiator will pass the management of your property across to our Accommodation Team. You will be able to speak to and meet with your own personal Accommodation Officer who will be yours and your tenant’s point of contact throughout the tenancy. This personal service means that we get to know you, your property and your tenants well and how you want your property to be managed.

Some landlords like to take a step back and just receive updates every so often, others prefer the more involved approach and we are happy to provide either of these or a service somewhere in the middle – whichever suits you best.

Who we are

HAWS is a new brand of an established lettings agency. We have been working with private landlords and have freshened up our branding and increased our team to match our modern way of working. Now we’re ready to grow and expand our business, offering our services to new landlords and continuing to look after our current ones.

We are a landlord as well and we want to offer our services to landlords across North Wales. Our experience as a landlord gives us the experience to manage large or small portfolios of properties. The knowledge we have gained through our experience as a landlord and as a letting agent means that we can advise you on your rights and responsibilities as a landlord and how to reduce the risk of being a landlord as much as possible, giving you and your tenants the peace of mind that your property is in the best hands.

Why we do what we do

We always want to be one step ahead in order to give you the best service possible. With new legislation coming in frequently, directly affecting the rental market, we make sure that our best practice approach means that we not only keep you as up to date as possible but that our services comply fully with any legal changes.

We have never charged tenant application fees, so if the Welsh Government do choose to follow England and bring in a ban on lettings agency fees, it won’t change the way that we work or what we charge to landlords.

We want to protect you, as our customer from the risks associated with being a landlord as much as possible. As an experienced lettings agency we are in a position to do this.

The new legislation due to come into force in Autumn 2018 will see landlords having to make sure that their property meets a set standard before it is let out. We have always advised landlords of this set standard since we started the agency so our current landlords can rest assured that they are fully compliant and future landlords can be reassured that they are not going to be caught out when the law changes.

We also like to keep in contact with landlords regularly and we always attend the local landlords’ forum in the county of Conwy which is held 3 times a year.  We also hold meetings for landlords ourselves in order to keep you up to date with what is going on in the world of lettings. If you would like any information about the next event please contact us.